Let's start from the title, why "The Last Knowledge" What are the recurring topics, that deal with this volume?


Answer: My mind is extremely logical and rational, so that when I'm based on a new work, both literary and of a different "linguistic" nature, I will visualize my creative project synthesizing it in the title the story that is already complete inside of me; down to the smallest details. "The Last Knowledge" represents for me the completion of a long and tormented experience of life in order to crown that thirst for knowledge that, through various circumstances of my existence, that made me to reach this expressive media (literature) in a no more young period of my life. Since I was a child, I have travelled a long way with the intention, in solitude, to construct, with the help of art, an ideal world in which to take refuge; thank you for having wanted to grant me ..., trying to hold firmly the threads that connected these different media, among them, through which I can complete, trying to realize and constantly improve, all that I consider my spasmodic compulsive creativity.


How much has reality affected writing?


Answer:I am a loyal supporter of reality, which I find much more exciting than fiction: even if you have never seen the real objects or situations of the stories, does not mean that they do not exist in a tangible way in your mind and it matters little that you have already concretized or experienced them, they, your stories, wait patiently for you to realize them. So yes: << reality has deeply affected my novel! >>.


Writing as a testimonial value, what did you want to save and preserve from the oblivion of time in your book?


Answer: writing, as an expressive media, is able, more than others, to describe the most subtle sensations and emotions, to make you "see" all that you can not see, and that inside you knocks tumultuous to "come to light". Wonderful testimony of the only sentient being and that makes sense of the entire universe; if there were not, no one would care about its beauty ... What better testimony than that of a man who lives his life, day after day, to be passed down to his fellow men? !


As a conclusion of this formative experience that gave birth to the book "The Last Knowledge", if you would isolate some episodes that you in particular remember, how would you describe it?


Answer: "The Last Knowledge" that I finished writing in 2002, after various revisions, was for me the school desk that I missed, as I learned to know, deeply and intimately, with whom I tried to put myself bare with my passions and my most intimate deliriums; trying to hypothesize a future, which to some might seem utopian, that surely with the time I want to be right; satisfying what I consider mine, but not only mine, curiosity about the latest knowledge; after all, the utopias of yesterday are not the realities of today ...?!


What are your sources of inspiration: other authors that you consider fundamental in your cultural and sentimental training?


Answer: As I said above, I approached late the world of literature, intent on living and intensely enjoying my youth; a spectacle of full freedom conquered and so much coveted ... Then, my meeting with a singular Professor of Mestre (Venice); she made me discover how limited was my vision of the thing, that I absolutely needed to recover the lost time that was just waiting for me.

I started reading what my master gave me: if I correctly remember the first was "The Sergeant In The Snow" By Mario Rigoni Stern. He constantly encouraged me, always pushing me a little further and so the passion for literature slowly grew: a collection of some authors I read are included in my page , every time I finish one I insert it in the list as a warn that reminds me that my way to fill that cultural gap is still very long ...

The authors that I think were for me very important are definitely: Pirandello with his "Fu Mattia Pascal" or "The man with the flower in his mouth" and others ... Moravia with his "Gli indifferenti" from almost maniacal details; Buzzati with his wonderful "Il Deserto dei Tartari" where silences are so "comforting" for me; or maybe because I think they look so much like me ... Then Dostoevsky with his "Brothers Karamazov" or "Crime and Punishment"; but also Tolstoy with "War and Peace"; then Kafka with "The Process" but also "The Metamorphosis"; "A day of Ivan Denisovic" by Solzenicyn. Clearly, "If This is a Man" by the great Levi; but also Euripides with its marvelous "Iphigenia in Aulis" or "Le baccanti" etc ... etc ... etc ...

Too many pages would serve to cite all those authors who could have influenced me!


Are there other artistic disciplines, or artists, that have in any way influenced your writing?


Answer: My first love was visual art, in all its forms, with which I realized all my artistic training path since the most youthful works of the 60s': (Painting, Sculpture, etc.), and then landed at the Contemporary Art of research in the late 80 ', in which I still work: at the time I founded the monthly magazine of Culture Information and Entertainment called "Sogni"; a tribute I had wanted to dedicate to the great Akiro Kurosawa with his eponymous film, for a great adventure as a publisher; in which editorial office, I had to necessarily provide me with a computer for the realization of the layout of my newspaper. Surely it is precisely there that influenced my writing because, in those years, thanks to the equipment in my possession, I started my particular and exciting artistic research in the "Computer-Art"; by then considered by everyone a madness even to be imagined ... This formidable futuristic mean, the Computer, for the truth, then still in the embryonic stage and very slow, made me passionate about the new media, which would radically transform my, but not only my, expressive language, where in my novel "The Last Knowledge" take the rule.


In addition to the one dealt with in your book, what other literary genres do you prefer?


Answer: My great passion is Physics in general: Galileo, Einstein, Planck. The Universe fascinates me, so the General Relativity, Quantum Physics, the various theories of the strings or parallel universes, the Dark Matter and the Dark Energy, but also the mathematics in the wonderful world of geometry: I have finished reading from some month "The Enigma of Poincaré" that I found very illuminating because I found many points of contact, for example in Topology on homomorphism, which I am currently developing in Art with my geometric research on bi, tri and four-dimensional specular images.

I am also very interested in psychoanalitic readings: another wonderful world of the mind, especially the dreamlike one; an introspective aspect of mine that is worth 50% of my life and that I have included in my novel.


Do you prefer the traditional paper or digital book?


Answer: I think that what interests a book is its content regardless of whether it is paper or digital: the future advances and the product, whatever its nature or whoever buys it, wants to receive it as soon as possible in order to "consume it". Time, inexorably, in spite of ourselves, will supplant the "old" with the new ...


To finish, what was your relationship with writing, during the composition of the book?


Answer: My relationship with writing, during the writing of my novel, was very conflicting because of my "compulsive creativity", I need constantly to change the media and then move from literature to music; whit it I compose pieces always with the help of the computer , then I pass to the visual art ; then I am very committed to the realization of my garden, to which I constantly work: my complicated Geometric Work in progress, installation with living elements and artifacts to be handed down over time: . I make short films and feature films in which I sometimes lose myself: . The cooking, my great passion, in which I try every day with the "Food-Art", extension of my multimedia artistic research that I consider the media for Antonomasia, the first means of expressive communication, with which the man has related to his peers. I constantly need to experiment new ways and as I have already said, grow in all that I have started and that I have to carry forward, so to stay nailed to the computer and write for a long time exasperates me; also because I can not wait to have it completed.


A reason why you would buy "The Last Knowledge" if you had not written it.


Answer: Since buying a book is always a leap into the dark, I would buy it only after reading this interview.


Are you planning of writing other works in the near future? If so, can you give us an anticipation?


Answer: I plan to publish a collection of poems titled " Travel Poems", in two languages: Italian and English, which should see the light in 2018 always with your Publishing House, in the meantime, for some years, I'm working on my biography entitled "The Little Water Seller": I do not know when I will be able to finish it and I hope that the moment arrives as late as possible; I account to exceed 150 years of life; my grandfather died at 100, so, being a biography of my life, I would like to include many memories of my wonderful and surprising existence.