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As also supported by Ernest Ansermet, in his essay "Les fondaments de la musique dans la conscience humaine", the musical conscience of man reflects the existential journey of every individual.

Recently, in a climate of globalization, the boundaries regionalistic music have plummeted to the point of being confused, and destined in the near future, to dissolve completely. E 'therefore desirable that a single large erect style of music above all others. The phenomenon of contamination of genres, shows a willingness to bridge the gap between the young generation and those that are no longer young, especially in recent decades, the house music itself as pragmatic, technology currently capable of supporting various possible contamination music: Jazz, Funk and Soul, but also with the imported one in America with the immigration of new ethnic groups, but also with the more recent "Hip-hop African American" transformed, in fact, the house music.

This phenomenon triggers, irreversible, the process of final cancellation of those geographical boundaries above and conceiving music as the birth of a new and advanced global musical consciousness.
The music Metarazionale "is identified with the rationality inherent in House music, and intends to investigate the contamination through improvisation, chance, just peculiarities of Jazz music.
In summary, the "METARAZIONALMUSIQUE", aims to highlight those changes through the evolutionary individual "Musique Dans", are being transformed, becoming the "new musical consciousness" that invades the planet became a single "region existential" as possible.

Maracalagonis 28 May 2007 at 18.09

Giosuč Marongiu
Maracalagonis 28 maggio 2007 ore 18,09


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