I want to remain a reader, since it can always collect without having to give, and it becomes rich, through the life and the works of the same writers, than, it tries to you from just the ego, open the coffers showing the treasures of their singular existence and that through of they I can living: tens, hundred or migliaia of screw, many how many the authors who I have read, without to pour a sweat or blood drop, hiding within of me, my point of view that are large, because it is the sum of all the points of view that me have been reveal to you.




I have yielded to the temptation to open my hand coffer, lavishing full my knowledge, forget, because too much vanesio, to continue to being a reader, and therefore making they are revealed to me and they have been torn to pieces. Hour they are to the goods of all, they they know my political fantasies, my ideologies, my weaknesses, my sexual tastes and even are in degree, also, to measure my acquaintance. But if I had not sperperato in dissennata way my knowledge, and you had it, 'lavished pian slowly, during the arc of my life, would have found myself to the capolinea of my existence to exit of scene, without regretted, and not to having to me to lock up, once fallen in misery, forced to hide to me, still young, from the rest of the world making feint of being died.

Giosuč Marongiu
Maracalagonis 04/01/2005


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