“Intelligence, one new source of inspiration”

A time, the nature, was for the art the only source of inspiration, and had like obbiettivo to be involved, but also to speed up, all those emotional reactions, gushed from a strafing wise concerted of particular naturalistic visions, in a position to shaking “the human mind strongly”. Such distance, by now get exaustedded, new source of inspiration which to reach has obliged to try for the art one to us, in a position to speeding up, not more that unconscious poetica member of the man, but to stimulate that aware rationality in a position to operating chosen that they make part of the genetic patrimony of of we, intelligence. Intelligence that is expressed, also, through visions gelosamente guarded inside of our mind. Our mind, only and inexhaustible source of inspiration, where these visions are born imperturbabili for feeding the creativity. Our creativity, than force so that these visions, exiting from our mind, manifests the entire world. It does not import with which half they they are manifested: sculpture or sound, video or photography, sapore, odore or tact, or being involved all the perceptive senses entirety, enough that they are manifested, occupying a real space. A opened argument, than still tries to discern, the real one from the not real one. Are not perhaps real our thoughts? That they are the result of experiences, lived or read, rations them or poetiche, ours or of others. In a position to describing of the personalities, and to photograph moments of lived life that they contribute to construct our contemporary? Then, it comes spontaneous to wonder, it would not be easier to accept like normal school whichever technical shape in a position to expressing the creativity, also with the scope to raise from the uneasiness who it tries, with doubts turns out to you, to delineate technical borders on the generis? And to leave exclusively the handicraft, and not to the art, these problematic ones? They are not perhaps the “visions”, and not the techniques, in all their mediatiche manifestations, the only protagonists, and responsibles, of the existence of the art?

Giosuč Marongiu
Maracalagonis 15 July 2005


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