Its hungry's fault,
that obscures your sight
being wrong or being right
its favourite one

His darken mind
searchs for a reason
felts then possessed 
because of the religion

To be just  guilty
of the own location
to be at the orient
instead of another position

And suspicious  
bored people
pretend to be gods
sending theme hangmen     
unconscious torturers
go toward to the "destiny"
victims of the mind
and theme intestine

They hurt strongly 
in the body and in the pride
the lambs of sacrifice  
into the big apple  

And then the fear 
makes reaction 
wrong or maybe right 
seems a solution

To hush up 
even if I don't believe
those cramps because of hungry
into those mosques

Giosuč Marongiu nato a Cagliari il 15/12/1954

11 Ottobre 2001
Pubblicato il 24/01/2003

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