Give me your soul
if you want to see many fallowing season
cities changing and expaning
see your body that remains young
if you want to know man’s evolution
see a man that gotta try to insert
into his cerebral  cortex a
connection with his own p.c.
try to see the images of his own
toughts so that better know
his own mind

give me your soul
give me your soul

if you give me your soul
I will make you know how easy is
to go on a journey along the space
to get to far planets
and know different worlds

give me your soul

I like all these things that you give me
but where is my soul?
maybe it will be inside my intestine?
or may be inside my stomach?
if you managed to find it then
you could cacth it
I will be pleased to live an eternal life.

Giosuč Marongiu nato a Cagliari il 15/12/1954

Pubblicato il 24/01/2003

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