Numerous, are the purposes with which we get close to look around us, sights with absent-mindedness pass by without taking consideration. Although areoften bright, those sittings. But if we just stop for a second, behind a television camera, all seem important and, real pity, across without testify, fixed in our mind. A palette of colours and overwhelming sounds, primes magic chemical reactions in our mind. Strange emotions that bring you down, in the deepest anguish,
to then lift you up, until the most silent peace, definitely much more similar to the death, and then again what hope developments. Man’s ransom, that finally raise himself to the top of his own consideration becoming, the only interpreter and master of all the universe. Interpreter, un-replaceable from any God, because he is already God, able to stop the moment, to put together sights, to exist or not exist, to give birth to life or remove it, to travel trough remote borders of imagination, roaming all around, and more important than this, able to choose.

Life in other words give sense to the universe where, before has the same value as after, because escapes to our knowledge, not bacause is asupernatural event, but just because, by now..., we ignore it.

15/Aprile/2005                                                                              Giosuč Marongiu

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