I began my research on the reflect images in the 1989/1990.  It took me to experiment all relation possibilities of a geometrical form, or primary module, with its double, triple and so on.  The relation that bornes from this inter-modular symmetry, every module clone of itself and placed into the same space, generates interactions.  These modules become significant when in a sequential contact and clear when in relation with themselves.  They give sense to the structure because form and primes an autonomous in evolution mechanism which puts in logical relation several sequences of forms, static when alone considered (frames) and dynamic in the animations.  These forms underline at every transformation an important structural variation and such variations build, when added together, a proper genetic patrimony, necessary for reaching an identity.  The rhythmic-sound moment becomes indispensable to express the form at the best of its four dimensions and it makes clearer the structural concept of the representation.  Its growth does not evolve in a dimensionas sense but following the evolution of its intelligence proportional to the transformafons.  An entity with autonomous expression by which "sailing" around 360degrees not more imprisoned into the perimeters of communicative spaces otherwise static and dumb.

Cagliari  2001                                                                             Giosuč Marongiu


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