The Immortal Art of Giosuč Marongiu 5.0 January 2018

"Homeomorphic Artworks"


The search for the physical immortality of works of art has been the long-cherished utopia of artists of all generations. It is clear that this presumed immortality will only make sense until a sentient being still lives in this universe known to us; or to the less known ones ... It means that even if art survived humanity, it would not matter much if man was missing; indispensable reference subject through which Art finds its function ... Having said that, since the advent of the relativistic theory of Albert Einstein, matter and energy are in fact considered interchangeable, so it will not be surprising to define the Art of new millennium in the form of energy, perhaps to be allocated and preserved for millennia to come in a USB flash drive or CD ROM, or any other optical-computer support of any kind; even in those that have not yet been invented.

But what are these Artworks Immortals 5.0 by Giosuč Marongiu? The long path of artistic research undertaken by Giosuč Marongiu on Computer-Art, since the end of the 80s, led him to elaborate forms, static in frames and in movement, with sounds, in computerized animations, where the material was replaced by energy. He replaced the ancient colors and brushes with Mouse and Cips and the white canvas with a computer monitor, thus delivering his works to physical immortality; as well as that eternity of the gesture long claimed by the artists of today and of the past. Let it be clear here we are not talking about contents and / or stories proposed, more or less valid, that have nothing to do with the language / medium with which they are expressed: << to posterity the difficult sentence! >>. Giosuč Marongiu tries to deliver his innermost thoughts and his visions of the forms of art to the inhabitants of his time, so that they can make use of them: frames to be printed and hung on any support or projected or viewed on monitors or any visual and sound reproduction apparatus. Or his last four-dimensional animated video-holograms to show off in ethereal environments; finally freed from the constraint of the two-dimensional projection, all at the discretion of the owner, who have been entrusted by the author of the file or files stored inside, for his exclusive use, a USB flash drive signed by the author. The wear and tear of time on the work of art finally defeated, able to give back in every moment and in every period to come, a vivid indelible representation of the thought and that particular artistic moment of the author as if he had just given birth.

January 2018


"Art is Immortal" 2007

Artists have been  always pursueing the utopia of the search of Art Immortality and they have  been always looking for a good solution through the use of different matters, those most resistant that the technology has put at everybody disposal.

The Artists set their hope on the immortality of their works through the materials, but when the Spetialism asserted its authority, the search in that way had been neglected and Artists addresed themeselves to a conceptual and gestural poetics inside wich one can find a supposed immortality of the Art; considering anyway an insurmountable obstacle the problem of the material endurance of the work during  the eternity.

In the first Manifesto of 1947 they declar "Art is eternal, but it can not be immortal", that means that Art is destinated to be deteriorated by the time.

The Man, who has been always working hard for the conquest of the progress, is now able to help the Art to carry out this utopia.

In the Metarational Poetics, withis new support, Art becomes Immortal.

The possibility of move oneself in the space/time is now a factfor the "Metarationafile" Works which have changed that one that had been the definition of the matter till today.

The new metter, maden of bit,resides into the fillings of the conscept bt also into those of the gesture done throught the mouse, asserting its real existence. An inoxidizable existence to be kept in CD Rom or in a Hard Disk or into or into whatever optic/informatic support that can contain these immortal file, result of a severe mathematics and that when it's needed go to known destnations and in the sametime they cross the universe moving easily in a space/time.

This is a new Art that holds: the Concept; the Gesture; the Matter; the Moviment and the Sound, but it does not renounce a poetics of the emotions that borns in the mind of the Artist and that can show itself to everybody through a televisional imagine, an Ink Jett Print, a Projection into the impalpable space or in every other support that in the future should be invented by men to decode those bits of this inoxidizable and immortalArt.

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