As overcoming phenomenon.

If we want to understand how Metarationality represents the overcoming, we must put our attention on those communicative phenomena that have been obliged to very strict limits since nowadays. We have to start from the analysis that put in relationship a phenomenon opposed to itself as the chaos and the organization of itself; the symmetries and the asymmetries; the order and the disorder; the assonance and the dissonance, etc.  The Metarationality wants to make a deep analysis of the period of transaction and transformation that elapses between the two opposite phenomena: chaos and organized. This moment is going to be requalified through the Metarationality, and it’s considered a very important moment because it can help us to understand how  the chaos can be organized.
Starting from the rationality,  through the breaking up, we can recognize the construction of the organized moving back to the chaos. In this way we can free the shape that had been forced in bordered spaces/outlooks. We can also analyse better the chaotic moment of that reality that is much different from that one that we prefigured. << Also the chaos represents an organized method inside the space/time that through our way to conceive the organization of the space can appear fortuitous and logic less! >>.
The rules of our organized aesthetics can be applicable exclusively to the known territory of our world, but aesthetics rules that govern the cosmos and its galaxies slip out our knowledge because they are too extended and for this too hard to consider.  We should be content to analyse , also with the science and new technology support, utopian geographic spaces that drive us far from our aesthetic rules those are by now full of dogmatisms, like new millennium Argonauts.

Giosuč Marongiu
Oriago (Venezia) 5 february 2007

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