" The Funnell - The monumental work of art "

    Since the beginning every artist works inside its own parallel passage and can't interfere with each other speciality except to exchange some's ideas, and all artists are made to compete amoung themselves with a purpose to hide.
The solution of the problem to the artists, so that to be able to protect the economy world of the art.
But now we've arrived at the end of a funnel, and we can see the light and we're aware that there is one art and doesm't exist any difference among art and other art and that we can express, our creativity, in every direction.
This monumental work of art now, we're free and we can think of: look at it, we can make it move, we can listen to and tell it. This sensation is like we're "2000" times wider, freeingus from oppression of a limited " communicative space"

London 12/06/2001                                                  Giosuč Marongiu


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