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The simmetria, indispensable food of the intelletto, where the emergency of the equilibrium resides you; where all, around and within, one moves completing small flights, afraid trasgressivi and, asymmetric that they move to us from our center, in which hastily, we get ready to ourselves to re-enter since too much painful experience. Separations that they make to rise interrogated to you and problematic, productive, but that also minano, if it practices to you too much over a long time span, the stability of the personality. Simmetria like unavoidable oasis of stiff peace to the attainment of the happiness, where our skillful part is relieved with that left, in how much with it completes the sense. Simmetria where, the beginning is contrapposto to the end, giving origin to the ended one. Simmetria when the sound is divided, catching up is an ear that the other, impossessandosi of our remoter cavities. Simmetria in the cities and the roads, the objects of daily use, nature, the earth and perhaps also in the entire cosmos. Simmetria in the infinitesimale part of our body, from the beginning of our life. Yearned for but always insufficient Simmetria a lot, since the detail betrays it. Coveted Simmetria a lot; where only the mirror, rigorous example, in eternal satisfies to us relieving to us in the search of the perfection. The simmetria like taumaturgico ointment, in order time too much snobbata, than cure and that lenisce the fear, in how much sure port where, who smarrito, us can itself be found again.


Giosuč Marongiu
Maracalagonis 28 July 2005

With the cursore of the mouse, on the image in motion, you will be able, with the skillful key, to interrupt the movement, in a point that wished and, wid a click on "reproduces", to insere and to remove the fleg (√)…


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